Friday, January 13, 2012

Best friends or enimies?????

              Hi my name is Ali short for Alissa.Most people call me Alissa when they want something but other than that it’s Ali.I am fourteen a freshman in high school  I have brown hair and blue eyes. My mom and dad are divorced and I am an only child. I am on the bus on way to school and I hear the snickering of other children in the background,Probably laughing at something inappropriate. It’s now 7:15 the bell rang and I had my books in my hand some girls knocked them out my hands I really don't know if it was an accident but whoever did it now I'm embarrassed. That day early in the morning my teachers all met me I was the new girl no one ever likes the new girls. So all my teachers met me and then they began telling me how much their jobs meant to them wait a minute I don't even care about their jobs not even a little. So that day I met a few people I sat with them at lunch and then they asked me if I wanted to skip class with them I looked at them like they were little phycos which they probably were So I said no only because I didn't wanna get into trouble on my first day I wouldn't wanna skip a class for anything.Especially if they get detention I wouldn't wanna be stuck with nothing to do in there my friends always told me it was like a jail cell but I don't believe it.

 Once I got home my mom asked me what happened in school today of course like any other kid i said nothing and went straight to my room I was upset about everything even in school no friends if i had to make friends it would be the bad kids that skip class I don't want friends like that I want good friends like in middle school I'm not in middle school anymore nothing will make me change not even one bit. My mood was sad just plain old sad the sad that makes you feel crappy the one that brings your days down and kicks you right in the butt later on in life.My life is somewhat miserable just thinking about the fact that i moved all the way from California  to Florida which they call a sunshine state? Is it really sunshine or is it just rain all the time? Anyways now I'm in math class and a student was talking about me and how ugly I am I mean They shouldn't be talking about me just look at them.I feel hated in this school maybe i should just run away from everything and everyone I wish for my family like my mom and dad to get along and I just miss everybody. English class Hi I'm Alissa I said to the teacher and she introduced me to the class I heard mumbling and all i heard was who is that chick why is she in our school can i help you stop looking at me I was devastated didn't know what to do and I felt sick to my stomach I was home sick wanting to go home had no idea what to do should i text my mom and tell her to bring me home So i did I was very upset so this is what i said to her Mom can i please go home i don't wanna be in school she replied why people are being so mean i don't like it here not even a little girls cause too much drama and I HATE IT. I bursted into tears asking to use the bathroom so i can get out of school made my day really hard why do people have to be like this. On my way home I realized that my mom did not want to pick me up and i told her what happened after that she was like oh why aren't you like them other kids that punch people in their face I told her what makes you think i should do that It will get me in so much trouble nice advice MOM.

      Once we got home mom told me to do my homework the school called and said that I made fun of some girl that i dont even know wait yes i do shes in my math class and she slapped the books out my hands on the first day of school I knew who she was she just didn't like me and that day i was grounded because of her because of that little I couldn't finish the words that were about to come out of my mouth I was furious I couldnt wait to find her name out..... Next day of school it was tuesday thank you lord 3 more days till the weekend I definitely couldn't wait.In school during math the same girl gave me looks and laughed with her friend looking at me i knew they were talking about me their little devil eyes beaming toward me gave me the heart beating of a life time.I bit my tongue it tasted like metal.I was pissed off and i wanted to rip her head off and throw it so she cant find it.I asked my math partner what her name is and he said her name is Valarie and my eyes opened and grew bigger and bigger as if i were a cat hunting her prey down. Ali what is this equalled to said my math teacher um um i don't know Valarie started to chuckle and she said this in exact words: see she came from a different town she doesn't know nothing and shes stupid I said this: If I'm so stupid then how come I have higher grades then you the teacher sent us both to the principles office and we both sat there gleaming at each other for at least five minutes.

 Then I spoke Valarie why do you hate me so much? I said she replied : Remember me the girl that you said no to skipping class with well that's me and i kinda thought that you wouldn't wanna be my friend so i started talking crap about you and im really sorry because i knew how much it hurts you now I saw you cry and i was upset i don't like people crying because of me. I told her that i didn't wanna skip because it was my first day of class and then you seemed upset i cant skip because if i do my mom will ground me and i don't want that to happen maybe me and you can hang out sometime?Yeah we should said Valarie.Well I think we really should. Principal walks in hey guys what are you guys doing down here us um we got into an argument but we settled it and now were friends right Ali yup were officially friends principal: good for you guys now you guys can get back to class.OK so on our way to class we see this bird type thingy fly near the window so we tried to touch it and it got away i was laughing so hard a teacher came out and told us to be quiet.Ever since that day Ali and Valarie were best friends.They hung out and always looked out for each other No matter what they did everything together except use the bathroom of course when Ali had a sleepover Valarie was invited.What kind of friend do you have?????Who will you meet?


                                             A short story by Brianna Gracey

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Short stories.

What is a short story? I think a short story is a story that everyone could enjoy not just children but adults and teens too.I think that a short story is very enjoyable but sometimes might have a ending that is not reasonable.but in my opinion i think that a short story is somewhat always easy to read.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Speak statement

Parents simply don't understand the problems that teenagers go through.I think that us teenagers have a lot of problems in our lives and sometimes we don't like to be put in situations that people put us through.When we are little we think it's unfair that our older siblings get to do whatever they wanted to.In our generation we can barely stay out later than we want to because of school and other activities.I sometimes think it's okay once I think about it because I know I have school the next day.I am now fourteen going on fifteen in the ninth grade most people can stay out longer outside.Teens don't take the opportunities and use them for good besides they take them for granted.Teens like to hang and chill with their friends even if they feel bad about themselves teens should talk to an adult about their problems if they disagree.I think that all teens feel the same as each other when things are not going their way.

Friday, October 7, 2011

my nintendo ds and the fall

  There are many values and costs that we have here in this world. Some people value their dogs and some people value the people that they love. Well me I value many ,many things like my Nintendo d.s and fall. I love both things but value my Nintendo D.S. and  Fall is very priceless.

   My Nintendo D.S. sits in a case on my bureau just seeing it makes me anxious to play. It’s wireless, handheld, and doubled screened. I play in my room on my bed right next to my ladybug pillow pet my pillow pet.My pillow pet is red with black dots and its huge!I lay on it when I play my favorite game Mario brothers the best game in the world.When I play my game on my D.S. During the winter I play when I am bored and don't wanna go outside in the snow.Once I get home iIwant to play with it but I cant until I have my homework done which it takes about and hour or so depending on the day.Sometimes I wonder what would I ever do without my Nintendo D.S.

    I love my Nintendo D.S. so much I don't really know what I would ever do without it.It makes me feel better when I'm sad or even when I'm happy I really wish we could take our D.S. to school and I would love to play with it but we cant its okay maybe when I get home I'm going to play with it.
   I feel the leaves crunch on my bare feet and laughter of children as they jump into leaf piles.It’s fall the season of pumpkin patches and Halloween! I can show you all about fall but I would rather tell you. Many many times I jumped into leaf piles with my younger cousin which is only 8 years old now in the fall I rake up all the leafs from my back yard and everyone from my neighborhood jumps into it. My cousin he is very playful at times especially in the fall I always come outside in fall I do love other seasons but by far fall is my favorite. My neighbors on the other hand are very nice and love to jump in leaf piles. I wish everybody could have as much fun as me in the....FALL!

  I have many thoughts about the things that are valuable to me and the costs but I will never ever forget the best thing of all which is fall. I love fall because of the joy that it brings not only to me but the people in my neighborhood this is why I love fall.